Halloween Cupcakes

Posted on 6th Oct 2017 by Carol Deacon


These are my Halloween Cupcakes created for an article in the October 2016 issue of “Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft” magazine. The magazine has kindly given permission for me to run the whole tutorial here on my website.

The icing is coloured using the  Lumo gel range of colours from Rolkem which turn fluorescent under UV light. You can easily buy UV bulbs from electrical stockists or online stores which you simply screw into  an ordinary lamp stand or light fitting.

The colours for this article were kindly given to me by UK stockist Fabricake (www.fabricake.co.uk) so thank you Hayley for those.

Hope you have fun making them !

 Rolkem colours under normal daylight

 Rolkem Colours under UV light

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