Leaf Cafe, Hertford

by Carol Deacon


I have been freelance and self employed for what seems like forever  then one day, earlier this year I decided it was time I got a job – you know a proper job. One where you went to work for someone else and they paid you. It has been quite a while since I had any sort of interview so even finding something relatively smart to wear was a headache. I joined some online agency, uploaded a CV and trawled through a load of jobs. This took longer that I’d anticipated as my over active imagination went into overdrive as there are some weird and wonderful jobs out there . Could I be a party planner ? magicians assistant ? (no I’d look terrible in spangly tights!) postman ? (I fulfilled their requirement of being able to ride a bike!). Then an advert caught my eye for an assistant manager at a little cafe and Children’s bookshop called “Leaf”  in Hertford, not a million miles away from where I live. Well I bake cakes… I write books… it seemed like a good fit so off I went to be interviewed.

I knew from the moment I walked in the door that this was a place I wanted to work. Slightly off the beaten track in Hertford , Leaf is set in a 400 hundred year old timbered building (yes one of the flats upstairs even has a ghost, but it’s a very nice ghost who just likes to make sure everyone’s happy). It’s full of ancient beams, uneven floors and has a secret garden to boot. It attracts all sorts of clients,  mainly families with children who can play with the toys, colour in drawings, or play in the garden but nearly all of them, whatever their age, soon  fall under its spell. Maybe it’s the books, maybe it’s the calm atmosphere, I don’t know but it certainly has something about it.

I got the job and set about being an assistant manager. I knew when I took the job that the business was up for sale and initially I just accepted that but gradually over a few months I grew more and more protective about Leaf, the staff, the regulars, the business we were building so I made the decision to look into buying it. The owner was thrilled that I’d shown an interest and bent over backwards to help enable the sale so on August 1st 2018 I became the new owner of Leaf Cafe Ltd.

Last week I got the go-ahead from the council to bake from home and to produce cakes to sell at the shop so from Monday 29th October when we start to roll out my new list of activities you should be able to sample a true Carol Deacon Madeira Cake baked by moi! You can also try my brownies, flapjacks and other delights if you’re in the vicinity. Along with the children’s books I’ll also be selling a few of mine – well it would be silly not to.

I plan to carry on with the classes in 2019 but these will be held at Leaf rather than the Quaker Meeting rooms.

So that’s my latest news. You can follow Leaf on Facebook and also through it’s website www.leafcafe.co.uk  Do pop in and say hello if you’re in the area.

Leaf Cafe Ltd, 8 Old Cross, Hertford SG14 1RB   01992 217667  info@leafcafe.co.uk

Carol Deacon Cakes

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