Easter Simnel Cake


Simnel Cakes were originally baked as gifts for Mothering Sunday but over the years the Simnel Cake has become linked to Easter. The cake is a fruit cake with a layer of marzipan in the middle. Traditionally it is decorated with eleven marzipan balls which represent the apostles. Yes, technically there were twelve apostles but… Read More »

Oreo Cake


Stock Syrup


This is a simple mixture of sugar and water that can be used to add extra moisture to your sponge cakes. Although you can use it on any cake, it is especially useful to dab onto a sponge cake that won’t be eaten for a couple of days – a wedding cake for example that… Read More »

Royal Icing


Royal icing is that hard white icing traditionally spread over marzipan on fruit Christmas cakes and wedding cakes. An extremely versatile icing. It can be used to create either a flat surface on cakes or a textured finish. It can be piped to create intricate patterns  and used as “glue” to stick decorations onto cakes.… Read More »

Marshmallow Fondant

There is quite a lot of kneading in this recipe. Whilst it’s perfectly possible to do this by hand, a dough hook attachment on your mixer will make things a lot easier. 225g (8 oz ) white mini marshmallows 1–3 tablespoons of cold water. (Start with just 1 tablespoon. If it’s a hot dry day… Read More »

Madeira Cake


I have been using this recipe for years as it produces a wonderful and extremely versatile cake. It is  strong enough to be carved into different shapes for novelty cakes but light and sweet enough to be used for a wedding cakes, cupcakes or simply something nice for tea. However the best bit of all… Read More »

Marzipan recipe


Marzipan is easily obtainable from cake decorating shops, supermarkets and online or you can make your own if you prefer. Unlike most other marzipan recipes, the eggs are cooked in this one which reduces the possibility of salmonella. The marzipan should be used as soon as possible but it can be stored for a couple… Read More »

Gelatin Icing

Gelatine icing, a type of pastillage, will dry to a hard and brittle finish. This makes it useful for creating three dimensional shapes such as greeting cards or castle turrets. Gelatine icing can be used immediately. Ingredients 4 tablespoons water 2 sheets/leaves gelatine or 15 g (1/2 oz) sachet gelatine powder 2 teaspoons Liquid glucose… Read More »



Sugarpaste is known by many names – fondant, rolled fondant, ready-to-roll icing, plastic icing are just a few. There are many companies producing many brands. All perform in a similar way but there is sometimes a difference in taste. So use whatever brand you prefer. As cake decorating has grown in popularity ready-made fondant is… Read More »



There are many different recipes for buttercream. This is a quick and easy recipe that simply uses double the amount of icing sugar to butter. You do not need to add the vanilla essence if you don’t want to but personally I think it just adds a little something special to the taste.  

Chocolate Cake


This is the recipe I use when I want an extra special chocolate cake for a birthday, celebration or wedding cake. It is a little bit more fiddly than the Madeira recipe but well worth mastering as it produces a chocolate cake with a strong flavour and a wonderful velvety texture that is easy to… Read More »

Fruit Cake Recipes


The thought of baking your own Christmas fruitcake can seem quite daunting if you have never done it before because there seems to be so much mystery and hard work surrounding it. In theory it should be baked in October then “fed” with a little rum or brandy once a week. This allows the deep… Read More »

Carol Deacon Cakes

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