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Mini Easter Fruitcakes



Working with Marzipan – the basics.


    Working with marzipan (almond paste)  is similar to working with sugarpaste and indeed you can often substitute marzipan for sugarpaste on many designs if you prefer the taste. Marzipan is usually available in golden or natural colours. There is no discernable difference in taste although different brands may vary very slightly.   Like… Read More »

Valentine Panda


Using two rounded pudding bowl cakes  you can create this cute valentine Panda. (see step 1) If you’d rather create a teddy bear, cover the cakes with golden brown coloured sugarpaste instead of the black and white. If you don’t have a suitable pudding bowl, bake two small round cakes and carve the sides to… Read More »

Halloween Witch Cake


To make the rounded shape of the cake, the sponges were baked in heatproof bowls about 19-23cm (7-9in) in diameter. If you don’t have a bowl, bake two 20cm (8in) round cakes, stack on top of each other and carefully carve into a round ball shape. If you want to make your cake really horrible,… Read More »

Stacking Cakes

Covering a Round Cake with Sugarpaste

Preparing a Sponge Cake

Working with Sugarpaste


Sugarpaste is known under many names around the world – fondant, easy ice, ready-to-roll icing, plastic icing (there’s no plastic in it by the way), rolled fondant and many more. All are fairly similar although the taste may differ slightly and some may have a  firmer texture than others. Many supermarkets stock their own brands… Read More »

Surprise Inside Cakes

Putting a surprise inside a cake is fun way to add a new dimension to any type of cake. As the hidden surprise doesn’t reveal itself until the cake is cut, cakes with coloured centres are popular for baby showers revealing pink centres if the baby is a girl and blue for a boy. There… Read More »

Simple Faces

The expressions and facial features on your sugarpaste models can be as simple or as complex as you wish. To begin with, here are some very simple faces that require very few tools. You’ll be amazed at how just a few lines and curves can create a myriad of expressions.

Waving Man


This is a simple sitting figure that requires very little in the way of tools. You can customise the  little fellow however you want by changing his hairstyle or the colour of his clothes to resemble those of the recipient.

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