Piped Buttercream Roses

Royal Icing a Round Cake


  Coating a fruitcake with royal icing will allow to you to achieve sharp, crisp corners and edges. Royal icing is only used on fruitcake which should have been covered with marzipan first. The top and sides should be as neat and flat as possible as any lumps and bumps will show through the icing.… Read More »

Royal Icing a Square Cake


Marzipanning a Fruit cake for Royal icing


The amount of marzipan you will need to cover a cake will vary depending upon how thick you like your marzipan to be. But to get you started, here is a rough guide for square and round cakes. Round Cake 15cm (6 in) 18cm (7 in) 20cm (8 in) 23cm (9 in) 25cm (10 in) 28cm (11 in)… Read More »

Swirly Royal Icing


Number Cakes


Creating a cake in the shape of a number has always been a popular idea for birthdays. You can buy number shaped tins or you may find you can rent tins from your local cake decorating shop. Alternatively you can create your own number cakes as shown in the guide below.

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